The Source of Happiness

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Who is not longing for happiness? For undisturbed peace, tranquility, carefree ecstasy, when everything looks bright, our heart burst out singing, and we love the entire world?  Most of the time –however- it is not granted to us. We yearn for happiness, we crave for it, and we tend to think of it as some state to be achieved some time in the future. "I will be happy when I have realized this or that dream of mine." "When I am rich and have no financial problems, I will be happy." "When everybody loves me the way I like it, I will be happy."–these are the obstacles in my way towards happiness.
You set up an objective, and you say: "When I have achieved that objective, I will be fully happy." You drive and you strive, you do your best to be successful; and when you have finally arrived at your goal at the price of a lot of hard work, toiling and suffering, you are happy for a brief period: "Success! I have finally done it! I have accomplished it". You are pleased, you allow yourself to enjoy the success.
You notice the sparkling sunshine, you hear the call of the birds, enjoy the beauty of the colorful flowers, you fully rejoice about the beauty of life. "Oh, how wonderful things are now!," you tell yourself. This state of undisturbed pleasure, however, does not last long. Doubt arises: "Oh, isn’t it going to go wrong soon? This pleasure will be over one day… What if..?" And the machinery of the mind starts working again. You think, you are afraid, or you set up new objectives. The sweet pleasure is gone, and you are in the state of suffering again.

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Consciousness: the Ultimate Mystery

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Have you ever been thinking about what is hiding behind your eyes, contemplating the world through your eyes? Who is experiencing its environment through your body? Who is that knows your emotions and thoughts?

Tasting a Newly Discoverable State of Consciousness

Have you ever been thinking about what is hiding behind your eyes, contemplating the world through your eyes? What is the thing that is experiencing its environment through your body? What is the thing that knows your emotions and thoughts? Please, in this very moment turn your attention to the intellect, awareness reading these lines! Watch the observer hiding in you!

What you may find is an existing, real ”something,” and not some abstract metaphysical concept, new age-, esoteric or religious-dogmatic thing that you must believe in. You do not need to believe in it, as it is there in everybody as an alert, intelligent space. It is possible to experience it directly.

This is a new concept that has so far escaped our attention. This is, in fact, the only existing dimension into which the objects and forms of the external world are projected, and that is where we experience our bodily sensations, emotions and thoughts, which are no more than the phenomena of this dimension.

There are basically three–entirely different–states of consciousness:
*The ordinary state of consciousness, which is unaware of the space in which patterns and forms (an image of the world, thoughts, emotions and feelings) appear. This is our everyday consciousness, when we are submerged in forms and shapes - in the contents of the consciousness
*The state of identifying with the pure consciousness, free from forms and shapes. Initiated, mystic or spiritual disciplines call this state ”divine.”
*The experience of completeness, which is equally aware of the domain of forms and shapes and the space-like consciousness.

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Spread your Wings and Fly Away!

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How many people suffer because they are unable to utilize their potentials to the fullest? How many believe that they are unable to live their own lives because their environment impedes them, with false references to ”loyalty," "traditions," and "customs?" Have you ever had the impression that deep inside you shrink smaller and smaller, and you give up your dreams just in order to meet the expectations of your environment?

In the young seagull the desire arises to spread his wings and discover the distances promising so many wonders. The other seagulls were scared, and strictly reproached him: ”The sense of life is to fly as far as you find food. If you fly any further, you will be alone, and won’t find the way back.” Though the young seagull was scared of finding himself alone, he was unable to resist the temptation of flying far away, and he tested his wings day by day. Successes were followed by failures, but he did not give up: every day he flew a bit higher. One day he flew higher than the clouds, and the familiar landscape disappeared from his eyes, and he saw nobody around him. He could have felt lonely, but he still did not feel lonely. He was, instead, unique. The little seagull soared on, enjoying the currents of the air. Then he met a seagull–its wings were shining bright. Then newer and newer seagulls appeared, with their wings shining bright. The little seagull arrived in his new home...

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Be Like the Water: Flow!

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Sometimes everything just works out fine: success follows success, everybody seems to be a friend, you are happy and cheerful, you are surrounded by love–like the whole Universe is on your side. At other times trouble comes in series, unpleasant events, losses and problems follow each other, nobody seems to understand you, people are unfriendly to you–as if the whole Universe conspired against you.

The ”small self” living in us likes to keep everything, our whole life under control, when everything happens exactly as it expects. When Life supports your ideas, desires, and you are satisfied–you fell like the lord of Life. But when things do not match your expectations, you feel that you need more control, you need to be more powerful, persistent, you must resist what is happening with you.

When you resist what is actually happening with you, you declare war on yourself and the whole life. You desperately insist on your ideas, you strive to make everything happen the way you wish–but the larger effort you are making, the less happy and less successful you will be.

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The Miracle of the Gratitude

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Perhaps we do not believe that we have any reason to be grateful for: this moment is not really like what it should be. This leads to an unsolvable tension: the ideal state is somewhere in the future, and the future is not here in the present moment. "I want it, Lord, and I want it now!"–I want to get there as soon as possible. It leads to yearning or, if there is no yearning, to boredom. When we long for something, we take energy away from the Now, and we add that energy to the hope of the future fulfillment of our desires. When we are bored, our life energies are at a lower level, we do not use these energies for the full benefit of enjoying the Present–it is like we are sleeping, and waiting in the anteroom of Life.
A sense of gratitude only visits us rarely: for instance, when we see a badly disabled person or a homeless beggar. We believe, "How lucky I am that I am not in that position!"– and sometimes we confuse it with commiseration.
If we are unable to feel gratitude, we wage a war on the present moment. All in all, we are at odds with completeness, with Life which takes place in no other moment but this. Life is not happening in the past, nor is happening in the future, it always and inevitably takes place in the only and eternal now. We even remember our memories today, and our plans or fears for the future also appear in the now. The past, when it happened, was now at that time, and the future will only be a reality when it happens now. Once we have understood all this, we have understood the major point: there is no other reality but the eternity of the Now.

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The Message of Consciousness

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I am now talking to you in a different language from the one I used to speak. I am now speaking in a language that you can easily understand, if you listen to the message. You will understand this language if you read slowly. You will understand it if you insert a brief pause after each sentence, and allow the message to reach your intellect or, what is more, the realm beyond your intellect: the dimension of Consciousness

Now, it is not the “lot of cleverness” accumulated in me who wants to talk to the “lot of cleverness” accumulated in you. Now it is not the mind, wishing to initiate a mind game with another mind. We now avoid all the cleverness, wittiness, beliefs and dogmas, and the spirit living in me is going to address the spirit living in you. Consciousness is talking to the Consciousness in you. 

These are the words of the living spirit hiding inside you, contacting the living spirit hiding in you. Read it therefore slowly and understand my message.

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How Can You Discover Your Real Self?

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Are we really nothing but our body, emotions, thoughts, life story, career and possessions? * What we term ”I” exists constantly: from early childhood until death we know that ”we are,” that we ”exist.”  Who can that permanent ”I” be? * Awakening to the awareness of "I am" opens up the most mysterious dimension of our existence.*

When some people are asked the question, ”Who are you?" they begin to tell long and complicated stories about their alleged self: stories that they have learnt or developed about who they are or who they aspire to be.

This complicated story about ”me,” one’s possessions, one’s career and experience make a person so individual, that at present 7 billion separate, alienated universes live on Earth, unable to understand one another, generating a wide range of disputes, skirmishes, animosity, hatred and conflicts.

Are we really nothing but our body, emotions, thoughts, life story, career and possessions? If you were not a woman but a man, would you exist? If you did not have a job and property, would you exist even as a homeless person? But of course–many people would say, believing that even under different circumstances they would still live: they would have a body, they would think and experience emotions–and that is what they call ”I.”

But are we really a summary of our body, thoughts and emotions? We continually experience emotions, we feel things, and a stream of thoughts runs through our mind at all times. These thoughts and emotions, are however, not constant: they come and go, to be replaced by new thoughts and emotions. They change all the time: our childhood thoughts and emotions are entirely different from our present-day ones. Our emotions and thoughts are not permanent. What we term ”I,” on the other hand, exists constantly: from early childhood until death we know that ”we are,” that we ”exist.”  Who can that permanent ”I” be?

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Who We Really Are?

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The Mysteries of our Body

Our sensory organs tell us that our body is solid and permanent. In reality, however, our body changes permanently, like the currents of a river.

Upon taking a breath, atoms arrive into our body, they are incorporated into our cells, and the same amount leaves our body when we breathe out. 98% of the atoms of our body is replaced in a period shorter than a year: the liver is completely renewed in 6 weeks, the skin in days, the bones are fully replaced in 3 months, and the DNA is renewed in 6 weeks. The atoms of your body as it existed a year ago are now all outside of your present body: in the atmosphere, in the soil or incorporated into other living organisms, grass and trees... that is how the entire planet recycles itself in a perpetual cycle. We live in close interconnection and interaction with all other things, everything is in the state of a constant change and transformation. 

The only permanent thing is change. We still tend to experience the permanence of our Self. 
Is it possible that we are not identical with our body?

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Greetings to the Divine Spirit Living in You!

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There is a wonderful greeting in the sub-continent of India. You meet somebody, look deep into his eyes, and recognize the mysterious spiritual essence hiding in him. Then you put your palms to each other in front of your breast, bow and say, with great sincerity, ”I respectfully greet the spirit living in you!” This is the impressive Namaste-ritual: awe and respect to the mysterious consciousness recognized in the other person. You recognize and realize that you and him are the same: transcendental spirit, an unique  flower of the Consciousness.

We, members of the human race, are peculiar creatures. We are created on this beautiful planet, so rich in living things, as manifestations of life. On this planet everything is a great miracle, as its very existence is a miracle in itself. The existence of a thing is not an unavoidable necessity. Still, things do exist: a rose with its unique scent, a graceful blade of grass, a wood in the forest with its rich foliage, a singing bird. Oh, what a wealth of unique beauty! And they are all alive, rooted in the Self, they are all incarnations and manifestations of life.
As children, innocent toddlers, we experience this unique magic, but when we are grown up, ”we know what the different things are.” Our mind categorizes the manifestations of the miracle: this is just a rose, a common, boring rose–that is what we think. We cut it off to inhale its unique scent, without recognizing that all such things are the wonderful expressions of life.
There is something in us, completely incomprehensible for the Mind: that is Life, something that science is only able to describe as ”complexity,” complicatedness. The miracle is therefore placed into a category, but has the unique miracle of life been thus explained? No, we have only invented a word for it. A concept has been invented, but it kills the miraculous nature of life. Life is, in fact, a great miracle: a mysterious existence as an indivisible unity, a complete Self.

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The Awakening of the Thinking Machine


Please, carry out a simple, nonetheless astonishing experiment:
Take a watch or a stopwatch, and decide that you are not going to think for a while, as long as you are able to do so! Well, how long has it taken until the first thought slipped into your mind? 5-10 seconds? Are you able to avoid thinking for minutes?

You will be astonished: you are incapable of not thinking. Thinking takes place, it happens to you. The thoughts thinks you, and it is not you who thinks it. You do not do it at will (if it depended it on your will, you could simply avoid thinking), and you are unable to suppress thinking or keep it under control.
We are proud of capable of thinking, as this is what elevates us above the animal kingdom, and our personal identity is also rooted in our thoughts to a large extent. Philosopher René Déscartes declared ”I think, therefore I am.” But is this really thinking that makes us what we are? Would we exist if we did not think?

If we devote some time to monitoring our thoughts, we soon realize that thoughts in our mind keep shifting and changing: a thought appears, then it vanishes, and is replaced by another thought, linked, associated to the previous one–that is how thoughts stream continually, without a stop. Where is this vast stream of thoughts coming from, how has that stream become the foundation of our identity?

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There is a mysterious human dimension..

There is a mysterious human dimension,
the recognition of which shatters all our ideas
about  who we are, where we come from
and what our mission in this world is.

This is the realm of Consciousness:
the final scientific and spiritual mystery.

This blog is about the mysteries and miracles of Consciousness.
About the living  spirit in action which, dressed up in the machinery of your body, discovers itself and the wonders of the world.

The Author: Ervin K. Kery

What is the nature of the human soul, the human spirit? 
Why do we think the way we actually do? 
How our habits and roles evolve? 
What are we, beyond our roles? 
What is the mysterious Life that lives in me, and experiences the world through me?

I have long been fascinated by the secret of human existence, the mystery of the human soul/spirit. There has to be something that is beyond social roles and conditioning. There has to be a ”foundation,” which lives in me as life, and to which learnt and acquired thoughts and habits, the programmed patterns–the personality–are attached. Psychology, still not a full-fledged science, only studies the conditioned patterns of behaviour, that is, the Ego (it is therefore possible to refer to it as "egology" - the science of the Ego), but it does not address the issues that precede the emergence of the Ego, not does it deal with whatever is beyond the Ego. What is the eternal factor that follows us from our birth to our death, no matter what a mature and powerful personality we believe we have?  

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