Greetings to the Spirit Living in You!

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There is a wonderful greeting in the sub-continent of India. You meet somebody, look deep into his eyes, and recognize the mysterious spiritual essence hiding in him. Then you put your palms to each other in front of your breast, bow and say, with great sincerity, ”I respectfully greet the spirit living in you!” This is the impressive Namaste-ritual: awe and respect to the mysterious consciousness recognized in the other person. You recognize and realize that you and him are the same: transcendental spirit, an unique  blossoming of the Consciousness.

We, members of the human race, are peculiar creatures. We are created on this beautiful planet, so rich in living things, as manifestations of life. On this planet everything is a great miracle, as its very existence is a miracle in itself. The existence of a thing is not an unavoidable necessity. Still, things do exist: a rose with its unique scent, a graceful blade of grass, a wood in the forest with its rich foliage, a singing bird. Oh, what a wealth of unique beauty! And they are all alive, rooted in the Self, they are all incarnations and manifestations of life.
As children, innocent toddlers, we experience this unique magic, but when we are grown up, ”we know what the different things are.” Our mind categorizes the manifestations of the miracle: this is just a rose, a common, boring rose–that is what we think. We cut it off to inhale its unique scent, without recognizing that all such things are the wonderful expressions of life.
There is something in us, completely incomprehensible for the Mind: that is Life, something that science is only able to describe as ”complexity,” complicatedness. The miracle is therefore placed into a category, but has the unique miracle of life been thus explained? No, we have only invented a word for it. A concept has been invented, but it kills the miraculous nature of life. Life is, in fact, a great miracle: a mysterious existence as an indivisible unity, a complete Self.

In the course of our lives, we acquire beliefs, what is more, complete sets, systems of beliefs. We believe in these ideas, we do not question them, as they apparently come from sources that are reliable, important and respected for us. We swallow without chewing that this thing is ”good” and that other thing is ”bad.” Whoever thinks in a manner similar to the way I think is a bosom friend, I love that person, and whoever thinks in a different way is a dangerous person, a stranger. You are not like me: you do not believe in what I believe. You are not a citizen of my country, you do not speak my language, your religion is different from mine. You are a stranger, so I am afraid of you and, for the sake of my own security, I am even willing and ready to destroy you. Once you have become the lost captive of a system of beliefs, the members of other systems of beliefs cease to be living miracles for you. Instead, they might be enemies to be destroyed. In the ideological struggles of the past century only, 170 million people perished. Their death is an exclamation mark, warning us that our unconscious identification of systems of beliefs is a madness dangerous to ourselves as well as to our entire community.
Why do we feel strange when somebody looks into our eyes? Are we perhaps afraid that our emotions, back thoughts are unveiled, that we can no longer lie to ourselves and to others? Are we are perhaps afraid, that the hiding, speculative, manipulative self, wishing to influence and convince others, will be unveiled? We believe that when somebody is looking into our eyes the person intrudes into our most intimate spheres. Because eyes are the mirrors of the soul. Because eyes are more than the mirrors of the soul. Through them our very essence, our real Self is contemplating the world. Through our eyes a Miracle, the divine spirit is beholding itself and the world. Behind the eyes of each and every one of us the same mysterious, mystical and intangible spirit and sense hides.
When I look deep into your eyes, I can see a vivid shine in there, and the incomprehensible, mysterious Miracle, which is, in fact, you. When I am looking into your eyes, I see that you are the same as I am. You are also a human being, just like I am one, and you also live in an artificially created society, just like I do, in a society which is our own creation. In this world, you also experience joy and sorrow, fear and love, terror and euphoria; you are a feeling and understanding human being, just like me. I am hiding from you, I hide my emotions and thougths, as I am detached from you, as I am afraid of you, and deep inside I am lonely. But when I am looking deep into your eyes, and I behold the vivid sparkling of life in them, I recognize you: You are, just as I am, the same Miracle, the same, unique and only Life in another body, in another material shape.
As soon as you learn how to spend time in the meditative, thought-free state of Consciousness, as soon as you experience how destructive categorization, labelling and priggishness are to miracles, you will be astounded to realize that your real Self is nothing but an alert, intellectually incomprehensible spirit, and this spirit loves existence. A spirit, dwelling in your body, openly and curiously spying itself and the surrounding world. You will recognize that this mysterious ”something,” defying description, is Life, present in every living creature, a miracle of conscience and Consciuosness–or, in other words, God himself, who is far more than the image of god in the monotheistic traditions.
A mysterious, bewildering something has emerged in you, in order to experience itself in a variety of ways, in unique and individual patterns of manifestation. This one single spirit is what is hiding behind your curious eyes, and the same spirit is there behind the eyes of your fellow humans, shining with life. Then the shroud of labelling and judging is finally torn and lifted, and truth behind it is revealed. In that truth it is possible to discover the sacred and divine nature of all things living. You will see the deceptiveness of the religions and other systems of belief. It will be clear how these beliefs hide truth from your eyes, how they label other ways of life ”good” or ”bad,” thus covering up the true nature of those ways of life. You will wake up to the truth that whatever is emerging in front of you in this particular moment of the endless stream of time, is nothing but the one and only Life, the manifestation of Consciousness in various individual forms. You bow your head with awe, respect and admiration, as you recognize the myterious, unique spirit hiding in it. Yes, you and I are the same: manifestations of the same, one and only Consciousness in individual and unique forms and, beyond those forms, we are the same”something.”
I know that you are no longer a stranger. I look into your eyes, and behind the pair of your sparkling eyes I find the spirit. I can see you! I can see your real self! You do not need to hide away: I am the same as You are! I recognize you, though you have turned up concealed as another human being! You and I are the same! Such moments are the sacred encounters, when we no longer pass by each other as strangers in fear, but we recognize the real self of the other person, we recognize ourself in the other human being. You and I are not different: we are basically the same–we only hide behind the disguise of different personalities!

Namaste, dear fellow human being! I embrace with love the divine spirit living in you!

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