Consciousness: the Ultimate Mystery


Have you ever been thinking about what is hiding behind your eyes, contemplating the world through your eyes? Who is experiencing its environment through your body? Who is that knows your emotions and thoughts?

Tasting a Newly Discoverable State of Consciousness

Have you ever been thinking about what is hiding behind your eyes, contemplating the world through your eyes? What is the thing that is experiencing its environment through your body? What is the thing that knows your emotions and thoughts? Please, in this very moment turn your attention to the intellect, awareness reading these lines! Watch the observer hiding in you!

What you may find is an existing, real ”something,” and not some abstract metaphysical concept, new age-, esoteric or religious-dogmatic thing that you must believe in. You do not need to believe in it, as it is there in everybody as an alert, intelligent space. It is possible to experience it directly.

This is a new concept that has so far escaped our attention. This is, in fact, the only existing dimension into which the objects and forms of the external world are projected, and that is where we experience our bodily sensations, emotions and thoughts, which are no more than the phenomena of this dimension.

There are basically three–entirely different–states of consciousness:
*The ordinary state of consciousness, which is unaware of the space in which patterns and forms (an image of the world, thoughts, emotions and feelings) appear. This is our everyday consciousness, when we are submerged in forms and shapes - in the contents of the consciousness
*The state of identifying with the pure consciousness, free from forms and shapes. Initiated, mystic or spiritual disciplines call this state ”divine.”
*The experience of completeness, which is equally aware of the domain of forms and shapes and the space-like consciousness.

Spread your Wings and Fly Away!

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How many people suffer because they are unable to utilize their potentials to the fullest? How many believe that they are unable to live their own lives because their environment impedes them, with false references to ”loyalty," "traditions," and "customs?" Have you ever had the impression that deep inside you shrink smaller and smaller, and you give up your dreams just in order to meet the expectations of your environment?

In the young seagull the desire arises to spread his wings and discover the distances promising so many wonders. The other seagulls were scared, and strictly reproached him: ”The sense of life is to fly as far as you find food. If you fly any further, you will be alone, and won’t find the way back.” Though the young seagull was scared of finding himself alone, he was unable to resist the temptation of flying far away, and he tested his wings day by day. Successes were followed by failures, but he did not give up: every day he flew a bit higher. One day he flew higher than the clouds, and the familiar landscape disappeared from his eyes, and he saw nobody around him. He could have felt lonely, but he still did not feel lonely. He was, instead, unique. The little seagull soared on, enjoying the currents of the air. Then he met a seagull–its wings were shining bright. Then newer and newer seagulls appeared, with their wings shining bright. The little seagull arrived in his new home...