The Miracle of the Gratitude


Perhaps we do not believe that we have any reason to be grateful for: this moment is not really like what it should be. This leads to an unsolvable tension: the ideal state is somewhere in the future, and the future is not here in the present moment. "I want it, Lord, and I want it now!"–I want to get there as soon as possible. It leads to yearning or, if there is no yearning, to boredom. When we long for something, we take energy away from the Now, and we add that energy to the hope of the future fulfillment of our desires. When we are bored, our life energies are at a lower level, we do not use these energies for the full benefit of enjoying the Present–it is like we are sleeping, and waiting in the anteroom of Life.
A sense of gratitude only visits us rarely: for instance, when we see a badly disabled person or a homeless beggar. We believe, "How lucky I am that I am not in that position!"– and sometimes we confuse it with commiseration.
If we are unable to feel gratitude, we wage a war on the present moment. All in all, we are at odds with completeness, with Life which takes place in no other moment but this. Life is not happening in the past, nor is happening in the future, it always and inevitably takes place in the only and eternal now. We even remember our memories today, and our plans or fears for the future also appear in the now. The past, when it happened, was now at that time, and the future will only be a reality when it happens now. Once we have understood all this, we have understood the major point: there is no other reality but the eternity of the Now.

If you are unwilling to accept the present moment, you are unwilling to accept life, your presence in life. You deprive yourself of discovering all the possibilities that unfold in the Now and will shape your imagined future. You become dissatisfied and bored; you withdraw from the complexity of life. "Sorry, but this is not the reality I want. This is not the moment. I do not accept it, I do not want to take part in it. I would rather be sitting here in the hell of my desires and fears!" Most of our sufferings are caused by the rejection of the completeness of the Present.

A sense of gratitude offers a solution to these inner sufferings, to that sleeping state between life and death. If you profoundly think about it, you will find that there is always something for which you should be grateful.  If you are healthy, it is easy to see that you are in a much better situation than millions of disabled and ill people. If you are not dying of an illness, you may imagine what sufferings people in the terminal stage of cancer go through. You may be grateful for being able to read these line on high tech gadgets at home or in your office, since millions of people are illiterate all over the world, millions do not have a decent job or roof over their head. If you contemplate about it long enough, you will realize that you should also be grateful for your existence, since your existence is a real miracle. Life is a miracle. Out of the millions of spermatozoids, the very one responsible for your bodily shape inseminated the mature ovum. All things considered, including the creation of the Universe, life on Earth, its development, the appearance of mankind and you within it, the mathematical likelihood of your existence is so low that you should not even exist at all. Freely after Fred Hoyle, astronomer and mathematician, we may conclude that the probability of your existence is much lower than the likelihood of a breeze blowing through a scrap iron dump creating an operational aircraft, ready to take off, from the scrap iron.

Just try it: if you can, withdraw to a quiet place, rich in the beauty of nature. Look at the clouds, migrating slowly through the sky, listen to song of the birds, enjoy the colors and the tranquility. Sigh deeply a few times, and with every sigh release the tension still there in you. Be aware how good it is to be there.
Now, slowly take a very deep breath. As you slowly inhale the air, allow your eyes stray around the beauties of nature. In the meanwhile, watch inward, into yourself, and feel the gratitude. Feel how wonderful it is that you exist. How wonderful it is that everything is as it is. You may even say thanks to the Universe (God, almighty, creator, whatever you call it). List as many things as you can for which you may be grateful: you are alive, you have a shelter, you have enough money to live in the culture we have devised for ourselves–be grateful for everything.

Once you have intensively experienced the emotion of gratitude, something strange is going to happen. Deep inside there is peace and you are calm, you do not need to resist anything. You are open, you absorb the entire world that exists in the moment. You feel happiness beyond description: the joy of existence. Continue to breathe slowly and deeply, absorb the world! Inhale the pleasure of life, be pleased with your inner peace and harmony–be aware that you are connected to the universe. 

If you do the practice of thanksgiving more and more frequently, you will surprised to notice that Life makes wonders with you and to you. You are pleased to be present in the moment of Now, you float in a gentle, soft, and joyful current of Life. You notice things that you have not noticed previously and that deepen the admiration and gratitude in you. You notice the possibilities in the moments that improve your life, make it more harmonious. Whatever you do, you do it with pleasure and gratitude and, though it is surprising, more efficiently than before. Life joins you as a friend, to your service. 
Sigh deeply, inhale the air and say: "Oh, thank you! I am grateful for everything!"

(Excerpt from the book "The Miracle of Consciousness")

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