Only A Cup of Water

Your body is here, but your soul wanders in time

You set off to the store to buy flour. Two hours later you drag your full shopping cart to your car and at home it hits you how many things you bought, except for that one item you went shopping for. You went to the store for that only one thing and you bought a ton of other stuff, but only the important one is missing.

You are walking on a road across a field. You are lost in your thoughts: “Well, how could I solve this difficult situation?” And while you are trying to figure this out in yourself, all of a sudden you hear a loud bang followed immediately by an even more shocking, striking pain. You wake up after a little while, you look around and realize that you stepped on a hoe left on the ground and this hit you in the head with such an enormous force. You were walking with your eyes open, but did not see the hoe lying ahead of you.

We could say: there was no one in your body. Your mind was somewhere in a misty, distant dimension, trying to solve a really “important problem”, and thus it was blind to the reality around you, to the only existing reality.

There is a beautiful, yet surprising story for this:

Only a cup of water…

One day God had enough of listening from dawn to dusk to the prayers of his eager believer, each prayer ending in a personal wish, a favor, and he said to his believer in a voice like rumbling thunder:
“I am here. Your prayers are heard. But before I make your wishes come true, please, you make my wish come true!”

“Oh, my Lord!” the believer bowed “What would it be? Command me, anything your wish may be. I bring down the stars from the sky, walk to the end of the world for you, torture my mortal body… wish anything, even the most difficult task, I am going to do it for you!”

“Oh, no, no! I will not ask that much from You” said the heavenly voice “I only want a small favor. I want a cup of water!”
The believer made his way to the nearby well to get cool, fresh water for the Lord. But as soon as he got to the well, he spotted a breathtakingly beautiful girl, filling her jug with water. She was wearing an expensive, gold-laced dress over her slim body, her full breasts teasing the eye, the gentle warmth of the sun caressing her silky skin, the wind playing with her long curly hair, exposing her sparkly blue eyes filled with warm love.

“What an extraordinary beauty! Just like a fairy! I wish she could be mine!” the unrelenting desire woke in the believer. And to get the girl’s attention he offered to help her fill her jug. He leaned over the water of the well and gazed at the beautiful reflection of the girl.

They took a long walk together until they reached the girl’s house. It was not just a simple house; it was a real palace out of a fairytale. A castle with many towers and rooms, with all the furniture made out of mahogany wood and cheerful flowers in each of the hundred windows. It soon became clear: her family was unmatched when it came to their wealth and the marriage of the young lady would come with a great dowry.

And from this day on, they met more and more. They spent evenings lingering hand-in-hand in the silvery moonlight and then the first shy, timid kiss happened. Not much later the father agreed to the engagement and announced the marriage. They had a magnificent celebration, wine flowing on the streets and in the veins; the young couple married.

The dowry was a great farm in a fertile valley next to a river; a charming little house, many farm animals – a prodigious wealth. Soon came the first blessing; the couple had their first child, followed by the second sparkly eyed child. The family’s wealth grew steadily, the cattle, the geese and the chicken lived well – every creature thrived on the farm. Everyone in the house lived in harmony and abundance.

Time passed harmony, prosperity, abundance and love remained, until the believer took a long business trip, leaving his family and wealth behind – trusting the servants with the duties.
As he saw the valley on his return, he stopped dead, fell on the ground with tears streaming from his eyes.

What his eyes saw was horror itself.
The place, where his prospering farm once had been, was now covered in mud. The house was in ruins and the lifeless bodies of his favorite animals were scattered in the garden. He ran crying to the ruins of his farm. As he got there, his sorrowful neighbors greeted him. They told him that soon after his departure, a dreadful storm hit the farm, the buildings crumbled; the river overflowed and covered the ruins with mud. The remnants of his beloved wife and children were dragged away with the flood.
Everything that was once good and beautiful vanished in seconds. 

Our hero was wordless, then he could not hold his tears back; he stood there petrified, and cried. “Oh Lord, why? Why have you done this to me?” as his burning tears were streaming down his face and fell into the water of the jug, he heard a soft voice: “Well, can I have a cup of water?”

He raised his head, woke up from the dream of thoughts and desires and looked at the God standing next to the well, manifested as a beautiful girl.

There is only one perfect moment, and it is the present moment. The moment of endless, infinite now – because there has never been a moment that not now was.

God – Universe, Life, Consciousness, whatever we call it – only asks us one favor: a cup of water, right now! Not to daydream, not to dive into our fears and desires, but only to exist in the present moment.  You get an invitation from God in the moment of infinity – this also means right now: “Come and join me in the timeless Paradise of presence!” but you choose to daydream instead.

This is how the mind works: it pictures a better future or its fears in the present moment. It forgets about the only important thing: Now, which includes everything around us. Living in the present moment gives you no worries, no unnecessary mind activity, only a deep, inner peace and tranquility, an all-accepting love: heaven on Earth is now. Heaven on Earth is in You – as one of the old spiritual teachings say.

Our minds wander, take us to distant places, into the future or back to the past. We are present somewhere else, from where we really are: we dive into the films of the past or the future. Our bodies are empty; the souls are not present.

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