Flow With Life, Flow Like Water!

Do you remember those days when you were completely happy and another success followed a success? 
When everything was so easy, liquid and worked so well? And then – when you almost thought that happiness and luck are on your side – everything vanished all of a sudden: a problem appeared, which seemed to find no solution for itself, you fell back into depression and anxiety.

Life is very interesting. Everything is related to every other thing, everything is living, flowing and transforming in a complex web of connections. When you breathe in, atoms enter your body and build into it, and when you breathe out, the same amount of them leaves your body, to be absorbed in other living organisms: to recycle themselves in grass, trees, your human fellows. 

Life is like a giant wavy ocean, in which nothing is stationary, everything is in motion: transforming from something into some other thing. And during floating or drowning in the water of the ocean, it is not advisable to write scripts of mind strategies, or fight against the sinking – it is much better to swim together with the waves.

Flow like water                                                       

We like small mountain creeks.

Their restless trickling is deeply soothing, their sight is relaxing, enchanting – we simply feel outstanding when we are near them. The mountain creek can be our great teacher – like anything else, which is natural, not mind-created – and its simple, but wise teaching says:

“Flow with life, flow like water”

When you pour the water into a pitcher, it will take up the shape of the pitcher. It does not want to be shaped as a car, it peacefully accepts the shape of the pitcher. But when the pitcher is broken or tilted, the water – where the resistance is the smallest – immediately seeps through or flows over, twists and turns, finds the path, on which it can flow with the smallest effort, but still effectively.

When it comes across an obstacle, it does not get broken down, will not start kicking the stone, will not build a bridge across it, but it peacefully splits before the stone and goes around it. And trickles on merrily. And the stone standing in its way slowly wears away, abrasion beats it – because it is resisting.

Nothing is easier than to flow with life.
In fact, not flowing together with life is difficult and makes you suffer.

All you need is awakened consciousness.
If you are awakened, open and cheerful, you happily dive into the completeness of the present moment, you give up judging and live for playing, playing your role on this planet – easily, relaxed, flowing happily.

When you come across an obstacle, you acknowledge it and you in the completeness of the moment you will find if you need to do something, you will go around (and not go against) the obstacle and happily flow onwards on the path of your life.

You trust your consciousness.
You follow your inner life program.
You flow in Life as life itself.
You are happy.
You are conscious.

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