Why You Should Follow Your Heart? (Rather Than Your Mind)

The mind creates strategies, executes calculations, only seeks its own (maybe even only short-term) benefits, and cannot feel empathy, understanding or love towards others as a feeling-thinking human could.

When you deeply realize, that the same human soul shines behind our eyes, you understand, that we are all the same.
We rejoice and sorrow as humans the same way, we are enthusiastic or depressed, we laugh or cry – we experience a wide and colorful scale of emotions.

Whenever you have the feeling that someone mistreated you, hurt you and you cannot forgive them, you need to realize that their action was – to their best knowledge - the only thing possible on their level of consciousness at that given time. If you had the same life experiences and shared their point of view of the world, you would act similarly.
Let them be forgiven, and then embrace this other, differently dressed form of the human soul.

During a conversation with someone, disregard the urge to instantly compose and polish your answer, you should rather take in and accept your fellow with all your attention: together with their soul, speech, and personality.

If there are unpleasant feelings hiding in you, then you need to realize, that it is neither your heart, nor your consciousness that feels the doubts, the fears and the concerns, but it is the shrunken ego that is cowering and croaking in its distress.
But if your heart and soul is filled with love, let it flow free in your body, experience its wonder and let it burst out of you, and back to your fellows.

You need not to be concerned about becoming too sentimental, irrational, when you overshadow the subconscious operating of the mind. You will see exactly, what there is – and not what you make of it.
You will see the suffering of the Sufferer, the delight of the Delighted – and with an open heart, with empathy, you will know exactly what is happening inside them. You take part in their lives then and there, and so the drama or the tragicomedy of another human life unfolds before you.

You are the peacefully, cheerfully contemplating, observing consciousness, who participates in the game of life: in the dance of forms and the tragicomedy of our plays.

Allow you to taste, to experience the human existence in its full intensity.
If you look, then see – do not get lost in the imaginations of your mind. If you eat, then observe the world of flavors – you will see, your meals become far more delicious. If you listen to something, surrender yourself to the listening. Be the sense of seeing, listening, tasting and feeling.

Learn to embrace honestly.
Do not do it, because you must – but embrace the other with an open heart, with all his oddities, whims and uniqueness.

Your fellow human is another unique blossom of life. Because it is a wonder indeed, that the matter could manifest from the energy-ocean of quantum particles, which pulsated between existence and non-existence. And then they formed living cells out of dead atoms. Only to allow us, feeling-thinking, intelligent human beings to connect and understand another being, sitting in front of a high tech wonder-gadget on the other side of this intelligent, colorful-loud-fragrant world full of life. Our existence is an awe-inspiring wonder…

The existence of everything is a wonder.

The mind dressed into more and more complex and intelligent forms, in order to experience itself in every color, taste, shade, creating thought and feeling emotion, so that in the end – to its greatest amazement – it could discover itself. To wake from the dream of the forms and realize in astonishment, that the “Ego”, the mysterious ghost lurking in my body, is exactly the same as the One, the elusive, spiritual “thing”, that runs through every form.

If the consciousness examines the world through your eyes, it will see itself smiling back in the reflection of a rock, the Sun, a blade of grass, a kitten and its fellow human beings.
Create and rest in yourself!
When you need to do something that requires your creativity, then thoroughly study the details and when you feel your mind is “fed” with the information, retreat into silent, observing consciousness.

Let your mind build the overall picture in your unconscious, let it sculpture and paint it – let it work it out. When the desire to act overcomes you again, when you feel that it is time to intervene in the events, then ask this question with full consciousness: What do I have to do? – and wait for ideas to emerge from your, which are born in the creative, intelligent space of consciousness.

Consciously do what you have to do with full attention, then retire to the silent yourself for an inspiring recharge, then if you have some more to do, do it.
Your life will become a pulsing between creative outbursts and peaceful contemplations.

This is when you live a life, in which you know-feel the depth of existence: “Yes, I am. I exist. I am thankful!

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