Everything You Wanted to Know about Enlightenment Part #1



Q: Is there “enlightenment”? What is that?
A: Enlightenment is a notion, or if you like: a concept.
Numerous concepts are connected to the notion of enlightenment. Some believe this is some sort of a “sacred” thing, an aura surrounds you, similar to those depicted on the medieval paintings of saints. You need to earn it, you are obliged to do all kinds of strange things for it.

This is not enlightenment. What we think about enlightenment is by no means what it really is.
All the ideas we have about enlightenment are only created by the mind, but not what it REALLY is.
 You do not need to earn enlightenment, you do not need to add more to yourself (information, knowledge, suffering), you just need to recognize what you really have. The consciousness is already in you, it has always been and will be in you. It is the one reading and understanding these lines – it is the soul of the “machine”, which is your body.

All you have to do is to focus inwards and recognize the consciousness behind the thoughts. Who thinks your thoughts? Who feels your emotions? Who experiences the world through your body?
Who are you really?

You become “enlightened” because you see past the swirling vortices of thoughts and emotions. You observe them and see their real nature: that they are conditioned, programmed patterns, not you. You are the conscious observer of thoughts and emotions. This way you will not get lost in the outbursts of the unconscious. Nothing mystical or esoteric happens, you just simply do not get lost in the thoughts and beliefs of your mind.

Now you direct the attention, previously used up by many-many thoughts, to the conscious presence. Nothing more was added to you, consciousness (actually you are in the consciousness) was in you all the way, you were just unaware of it. There was no one to be enlightened. Nothing more is added to you, you just “forget” all the thoughts that cause problems.

A “guru” is just as much a guru is as you are. The same consciousness reads these lines in you. But the “master” recognizes the consciousness as his true self.
Q: Is the awakening of consciousness permanent?
A: It is not permanent.
You need to make a choice every moment: you pick consciousness or let the unconscious jabber of the mind absorb you? You need to make a decision every moment: you choose the observing consciousness here and now or dive into your dreams or nightmares?
What do you choose?

Actually it is easier to lead a conscious life than an unconscious one. The disarray of thoughts and emotions stun you in an unconscious life, you are unhappy and stressful because of worrying and overthinking all the time, all in the meanwhile complete ignoring your existence, that you are alive here and now in this planet teeming with life, whose beauty is only hidden behind the physical-mental junkyards created by the mind.

The conscious observation is our natural state: we do not get lost in problems/thoughts, do not worry, do not suffer. We simply know about ourselves and about the events of the world, we do not stick to them. We enjoy the happiness of existence as a peaceful, calm observer, we live in the present moment. And if we choose this peaceful, calm contemplation in every moment (in the eternal now), then we lead an “enlightened” life..
Q: Is there a spontaneous spiritual awakening?

A: In some extreme cases (your life collapsing, losing your identity) your mind gives up all its ideas who you are, what you should do, what you should become.
What remains is pure existence, which brings forward a cleansing, a catharsis: you recognize your true self.

After a while the mind – which did not lose its momentum after 20-30-50 or more years of constant unrestrained functioning – returns.
The silent, peaceful contemplation of the miracle of life ends, the steam engine of the mind restarts: pounding, chattering, worrying, scared, your sufferings, the hell return.
But since you had a chunk of the ultimate experience, the die is cast: you want to return to the blissful, happy state of mindless pure consciousness. You need to train you attention, your consciousness, practice, until they settle in the existence in the present moment.

This happened with the most of those you may have read about: they had a glimpse of the ultimate experience, then fell back into the hell of the mind, from where they finally managed to establish enlightenment through repeated attention-focusing exercises.
Q: Is the spontaneous and permanent awakening possible without exercises?

A: It is not possible. Our civilization in the last couple of millennia has put thinking on the pedestal.
The majority of the cutting edge civilizational discoveries are the results of this: the scientific discoveries, innovations, the currently highly developed level of medical science, but at the same time, our stressful lives, our unhappiness too. We harvested electricity by splitting the atom, but it also gave us the nuclear bomb – this duality characterizes us: the neutral atom is an excellent servant, but a devastating enemy as well, depending on what the mind (ego, self-centeredness) uses it.

The mind is a great servant but a terrible, tyrannical ruler. And we usually fell under the tyrannical rule of the mind.
We are unable not to think, thoughts just insidiously occupy us, they are constantly flowing in us, they entwine us so much that we forget that we are who think, know and use the thoughts, not the slaves of them. We should use the mind as an outstanding tool instead of letting it rule over us.
In the last few thousand years, thoughts have ruled us. We learn thinking from day one, we are conditioned and programmed to do this up to the point where the insanely rushing thoughts trap us.

We become enlightened for a moment, realize our true Selves, then after a while the usual thought-flows and the mind return, conquer and floor us. Every thought demands attention (“I am an important thought, if you do not deal with me, you will ruin your life), and so our full attention is occupied by thoughts and the related emotions. We have no other option than interrupting the thread of compulsive thinking by focusing our attention on the thoughts and detaching from them, then directing our conscious attention to the consciousness hidden inside us. From this point the mind’s magic that holds us captive gradually weakens.
Q: Is attention a skill that we have to learn or an ability that we lost and have to regain?

A: As we have successfully mastered the art of awakened consciousness, we realize that consciousness had always been with us – we just did not know about it. We could say that there is a constantly present consciousness, a knowing that we tend to forget about. During enlightenment we rediscover and remember this human dimension.
Q: What is the guarantee that my consciousness will awaken if I go to satsangs and study the words and deeds of the thousands of those who found enlightenment?

A: Nothing. There is no guarantee, though these are undoubtedly the ways that open the gate of “non-spontaneous” enlightenment for you.

If you read books and listen to lectures from those who have awakened to the consciousness of the mind, then – if you really do pay close attention to them and let their words act as guides, follow the pointer finger where it points – you will recognize what has always been in you too.

The guides of those who have awakened to the consciousness of the mind emerged from the dimension of the consciousness, they see what you may not yet see, describe the indescribable to point where it is worth looking to.
 There is no guarantee, because it depends on you, whether you look where the finger points or you start munching on it and forget about the guiding of the finger in the stupor of the munching.
Q: I do not have time to practice and do not even feel like doing it, I just want to end my sufferings!

A: What makes you say you “do not have time”, you “do not feel like doing it”, but you want to “end your sufferings”? The mind.

The mind does not have time, does not feel like doing anything, but always wants something. The mind is upset, always seeking a way “how to go on, how can I reach this and this, as quickly as possible, as soon as possible, because I do not want to wait, I do not have time, I do not want to practice anything. I only want enlightenment, because it could be the remedy to the stress inside me, to the unbearable depression and burnout, I want happiness right here, right now.”

The keyword is: right here, right now!
You can be enlightened here and now, you can be a calm, peaceful, happy observer of yourself! There are some “tricks”, “techniques” which make it easier to live through the ultimate experience of enlightenment, but the events reached this way will mostly be only temporary, just passing moments: you experience it now and then sink back into the hell of the mind after a while. You need to put in a lot of work to stabilize the mindless, pure consciousness (you know: there is no lunch for free ), you need to practice returning to consciousness. I present methods for this in this book.
Q: Why do I have to wake up from the thought’s dream?

A: You do not have to.
Consciousness can take up the shape of a multitude of forms (including your form as well) in order to express and experience itself. If it does not take up a shape, it does not have the “I am” sensation and cannot awaken to its own consciousness.

It is almost impossible to grasp the meaning of this with the human mind: from the blissful “existing in itself”, from the nothing, it takes up the shape of countless forms, gets lost in the role of its form in order to (after surpassing the forms) recognize itself as formless.

If you feel like you really want to dive into real depth of yourself because you can no longer bear the suffering of this worldly existence and the stupor of the forms, then the “thing”, the consciousness awakens within you.
If you do not feel this, you just want to begin an exciting ego-debate, then your time has not come yet: you still need mind-storms, sufferings, games in the realm of forms.

This is all fine. If your whole being is longing for consciousness, then the die is cast: sooner or later you will reach it. If you do not, there is nothing wrong with that too: you are just getting familiar with it, something begins to awaken in you – you need more time to realize: you do not need more time.
And there is something else: in the last few centuries we have possessed such advanced technology, which boost the abnormal functioning of the mind. We have nuclear bombs of devastating power, our politicians, with their heads filled with lust for power, can use them at any time, we create super-resistant viruses with unintentionally consumed antibiotics, we replace and eliminate basic ecological pillars which are the pillars of life – not only the fate of the human race is at stake, with our madness, we are risking the extinction of many other terrestrial life forms too.

The mind declared a war on instinct, heart, nature – the social and ecological crises, which are gradually becoming more and more severe come with no surprise. We are not far from wiping out not only the human life, but the majority of life on Earth. Otherwise: 

Perhaps this is an evolutionary branch: a bifurcation. Perhaps these are the serious crises we need to kick the mind into working and make us awaken to our own consciousness: recognize ourselves as creative souls, blend in to nature (like many creatures do it with bio mimicry), live together with the Whole as conscious, spiritual human beings. Not as the sole ruler of planet Earth, but as a partner, cooperating with the Whole.

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