Everything Is Now, Always Is Now..


In reality, there is nothing else than the present moment – up until eternity. And the present moment is not a sequence made up of many tiny time units, but a moment of constantly existing now.

Only the moment of endless present exists. 
The past is only a dead memory, which was also now, the “present moment”, when it happened. The future is just a trick of the mind, a visualization, a projection of desires and fears – and the mind does it in the current moment: now.

The only reality, in which everything is happening: the moment of present. Nothing ever happened in the “past” and does not happen in the future, only now.

Every existing thing exists now. We see the flashbacks of the past and the created images of the future now, in the present moment. This is why we embrace the present moment. Because everything takes place in this infinite “now”. Everything that has ever been is compressed into this present moment.

I am here because of what my thoughts had been in the “past”, and how I made my decisions following my thoughts, which option I picked out of the endless possibilities. It was not really “me” who made these decisions, more like my thoughts and beliefs. They determined my words and actions. My free will somehow disappeared.

Here I am now, in this life stage, which is the consequence of my thoughts and actions throughout the past. My all time consciousness level controlled my choices, my fate and the story of my life.
The possibilities are also now: they are happening right now. The forms of the world are flowing around you now, the events are taking place in the world right now. Not in the past, not in the future, now.

The past is getting more distant, and the future never comes. “Tomorrow” will always be tomorrow – in an imagined future. We have what we have now, today. You can be conscious today and you can live your life today. Otherwise – if you live your life in the world of your fears and worries – you will end up as a half-dead person waiting in the hall of life to gain entry.

Opportunities flow together with forms, and if you join this flow, then you may meet these opportunities somewhere. Just swim and let the events unfold around you, find each other and unite.
You face a choice every single minute: you remain conscious and participate joyfully in the flow of life, or you retreat to the problems and sufferings of your self-made personality, only to feel miserable.

Somehow we always tend to choose the hell of our sufferings. Is this not strange?
We are longing for success, but we repel it with our confused, conflicting thoughts. We have aims, but when we get the chance to do something to reach them, doubts emerge, or we are already enjoying the profit of the undone work ahead.

We need something else to flow joyfully with life.
Thought-less, alert, observing, attentive consciousness. When no contradicting thoughts fight in the clear space of the mind, but it is crystal clear what we have to do. I do not get lost in the confusing thought-clusters, the space of my consciousness is brightly enlightened by a vision.
I know I am present.

I know I am alive and I let myself blossom. Because a human being also blossoms, just like a flower of sensational beauty develops from a seed.
I consciously participate in the flow of life: I swim in it and with it.
The wisest decision you can make: to completely embrace the present moment.
And if you do this, your body remains relaxed, loose – you let the self-healing forces of nature work. Your wounds heal faster, your pain goes away sooner, your immune system is boosted, you can say goodbye to stress – you are happy and healthier.

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