The Magic of Presence


The happy, joyful moments spent in the present usually are interrupted by an unexpected event: something seemingly unpleasant happens. “This should not have happened. This should not be like this” – you feel bitterly. The mind judges easily: it can label an event, a process either “good” or “bad” through the glasses of its belief systems.

But we cannot be sure at all, whether the mind is not wrong. Because perhaps the event we rated as “bad” today, tomorrow will turn “good”, or you may even notice, that this “negative” event was necessary for the “good” consequence to follow.

You acknowledge the events, but do not judge them. Because you know: Universe created this moment to be the way it is. This moment was shaped to be like it is by uncountable processes and “effects”. Everything changes: what seemed to be good today will have a bad shade tomorrow, what seems bad now, will soon turn good. Sunshine follows rain and rain follows sunshine – this is the natural way of things.

There is no resistance towards the present moment in you: you accept it as it is. Since you do not resist the now, you do not declare war against the Universe. And since you fully embrace the present moment, you do not resist it, you enter the flow of life.

If you feel your life is not on “good tracks”, you are depressed or maybe angry, ask yourself this question:
“Do I accept the present moment as it is? Am I resisting the now?”

And as you examine this, you suddenly become conscious. You realize that you were stuck in unconscious mind patterns – and as you observe the unconsciousness, you become conscious. The resistance against life disappears from you – you are present again, in the flow of life.

Search a place where you feel particularly well – for example your own, cozy room and try this exercise:

Look at yourself – at your life here and now. Notice you have a roof above your head, you are safe, you have something to eat and drink, you are generally healthy. And right now you are connected to others via a smart phone, a tablet, or other high-tech device. Perhaps you have nice furniture, a fine and beautiful house, all kinds of electronic gadgets in your room or house, satisfying all your needs and comfort.

Even the medieval kings did not live as well as you. So be grateful to be alive! Notice that basically everything is all right. 
And when you wander your gaze around your favorite room, you feel you are home, in your private hideaway, your castle. This is your world – you are in peace, safety and intimacy here. Then why could you not embrace the completeness of the present moment?

Allow yourself the relaxation, the peaceful contemplation. Feel how great it is to be home. Take in this moment which makes you feel great and embrace everything in the room joyfully: the pieces of the furniture, decoration, the forms. Breathe a big sigh and say it:
“I love being here now. I love this moment!”
Focus inwards and catch the feelings of gratitude and openness. Feel free to dive into these great emotions and enjoy them, just enjoy! Do not think this time is wasted.
Who is looking out of your head, through your eyes? Who or what is experiencing thankfulness, openness, the moment of love?
Do you feel it? Did you experience the thoughtless pure consciousness? It is wonderful, is it not?

You just sit, look out of your head, through your eyes and peacefully, calmly, happily and joyfully observe! This is simply the ultimate experience!

And this wonderful, conscious “something/someone” is you…

(Excerpt from the book "Mindfulness Meditation - Journey into Consciousness" by Ervin K. Kery)

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